Breast Enhancement & Breast Surgery


Breast augmentation surgery is a day care surgery and is absolutely painless as it’s done under general anesthesia. The silicone breast implants are made of medical grade sialistic or silicone and their inner side is filled with silicone gel and these are absolutely safe. Silicone gel breast implants come in different shapes and sizes and are chosen according to the patient’s preference and their breast specifications. After careful assessment of the actual requirement of the size, the incisions are made in the breast crease line and breast implants are inserted either beneath the gland or the muscle – depending on the overlying thickness of the skin. As the incision is made in the inframammary crease the resulting scar is almost inconspicuous and patients are usually discharged within the same day of the breast plastic surgery.

Taping is done in the postoperative period to maintain the size and shape of the augmented breast. These are generally removed after 2-3 days. In the immediate post operative period slight discomfort or stretching sensations over the breast are perceived which normally settle down in a day or two. Sutures are taken out on the 7th day and patient can resume routine light activities in another 2-3 days. Breast augmentation recovery normally completes within a week.


Breast augmentation procedure improves the shape of the breast and the cup size of the bra increases as per the base width of the breast and patient’s desire. Improvement in the shape of the breasts and their uplifting results in overall improvement in personality, which inturn helps boost the self-esteem of the individual.

Bilateral breast augmentation is a very safe surgery too although some numbness and altered sensations might be perceived by the patient for few weeks but it settles down gradually with the passage of time. Formation of a tight capsule around the implant causing it to feel hard or deformed is sometimes observed however this can be effectively treated by closed maneuvers and very rarely is an open surgery required.

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